Streetmax 21
“In an age wracked with anxiety and uncertainty, there is still a challenge to inject a boisterous creativity into a streetscape of robotic conformity.”
VISUAL DNA...the language of photographs
Ellen Cantor
“DNA is the fundamental and distinctive characteristic or quality of someone or something, especially when regarded as unchangeable.”
Wayne Palmer
“I began to notice how splashes of water and other liquids flowed into the grooves and contours of streets and sidewalks, revealing both abstract and recognizable patterns.”
Xavier Moinereau
“It is ultimately through the deformation, the mask and the duplicity that, perhaps, the substance of the person is revealed.”
Floating Garden
Maja Strgar Kurečić
“It all began with a single rose. The rose my daughter received for her 18th birthday.”
Color of Anatomy (In the Space of an Echo)
Sara Silks
“Suddenly, I became aware of how careful I needed to be with my hands and personal space, and how strange it was to confine my natural physical motions.”
untitled, (an ill kept garden)
George Angelovski
“The footage of fumigation tries to open catastrophe’s miracle — the dream of the photographic image.”
Venetian Lagoon | Suggestions
Francesco Munaro
“Sky and water come together to become one. They are mostly “suspended” images in which time expands and the light floods everything, subverting the physics of the shadows.”
A Borderland of Dream and Reality
Raheleh Mohammad
“We can wake up from a dream to reality but is the other way around possible; waking up from reality into a dream?”
Alexandro Pelaez
“Each city around the world has its own distinctive pace of elements, circumstances, colours; an array of miscellanea that shape what we call memory.”
Robert Schultz
“The best war memorial is American ground where so much blood was shed.”
Skyscraper Magic
Steve Geer
“In certain spots, if you look up you might see reality remodeled into unlikely, if not impossible, geometries.”
Quotidian Life
Daniel Castonguay
“Being a street photographer is above all playing a role in the urban life framework, contribute to its vivacity, its pace and almost belonging to a chaotic scenario.”