Grandma Divers
Alain Schroeder
“In a society obsessed with education, the future of this physically arduous activity would appear bleak, and yet …”
Optical Shards
Donna Tramontozzi
“We are surrounded by windows that reflect light.”
Nocturne Hivernale
Greta and Manu Schnetzler
Night images from Strasbourg, France.
Hurry for Decades
Fu Wenjun
“The world is standing at a crossroads. It is still hard to know where the pull of various forces will bring the human history to. The politicians take turns to play and the eye–catching incidents come one after another.”
The Lost Prophets
David Knox
“… they portray the forsaken prophets of a lost war, adrift in the destruction of ruined cities, abandoned fields and remote backwoods.”
Into the Anthropocene - Oildale Oilfields
David Gardner
“In order to preserve what we have, I believe it is important to reveal what we are losing.”
Saving Orangutans
Alain Schroeder
“On the one hand humans destroy virgin forests, wounding and killing animals, while on the other hand they do everything possible to save them.”
No Memory is Ever Alone
Catherine Panebianco
“I feel like the spirits of the past are all around us.”
The Poetry of Mushrooms
Jackie Heitchue
“The language of love is often spoken through flowers, but the elegant and fabled toadstool speaks louder to me.”
Fear of the Marketplace
Geoffrey Agrons
“When I found myself in public spaces, I simultaneously yearned to observe and felt compelled to flee.”
The Unchosen Ones
R. J. Kern
“One isn’t born a winner or loser, but a chooser.”
72 DPI — Some Myths Never Die
David Garnick
“The next time you see a request to submit your images at 72 dpi, tell them you don't believe in Santa Claus.”