bokeh (bō-kĕ) separates the subject from the background in photographic works.

brings outstanding new photography to the foreground.
We feature works from all photographic genres - fine art, documentary, portraiture, street, … We are looking for work that is original, beautiful, startling. Photographs that capture the world. Photographs that capture your vision.

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David Garnick, Founder and Editor
David Garnick is also the director of The San Francisco Bay Month of Photography. He set up his first darkroom over forty years ago. He has worked in other media, studying drawing, sculpture, and fine woodworking. Garnick directed the annual San Francisco International Photography Exhibition and has been a photography reviewer for the Lucie Foundation. He chaired the department of computer science at Bowdoin College, and later was a product manager for Google News in Norway. Combining his backgrounds in the arts, education, and production with his passion for photography, he founded Bokeh Bokeh Photo, dedicated to presenting the work of outstanding photographers from around the world.