Waiting Girls
Sadegh Souri
"In Iran, the death penalty is given to children for crimes such as murder, drug trafficking, and armed robbery. Those who are sentenced to death are hanged after reaching 18."
Cassandra Zampini
"With its geometry and contrast, the urban landscape is the perfect canvas to reveal the humanity alive within it."
Windows into Havana
Gillian Hyland
"These images are little windows into Havana, and capture just a drop of the spirit you feel from the city and it's people. Each picture is a story influenced by who I met and what I saw."
Krystle Wright
"My biggest fear in life is regret. There's an insatiable desire in me to explore with a camera in hand to capture a fleeting moment that encapsulates the soul of that place."
Storms of Light and Shadow
Mitch Dobrowner
"My philosophy revolves around the mantra spoken by Edward Abbey, 'Our job is to record, each in his own way, this world of light and shadow and time that will never come again exactly as it is today.'”
Felice Boucher
"I split the images in half, flipping them to create new beings. Deified is a palindrome, and the women in the images have been transformed from mere mortals to goddess-like beings"
What Are You Fighting For?
Sally Ann Field
"'What are YOU fighting for?' I asked this question while documenting peaceful protests in Los Angeles, California. I handed people a marker and this is what they had to say..."
Scanning the World
Scott Page
“There is a magical quality to point cloud imagery, similar to the earliest photos that froze time onto small metallic plates.”
Ashley Leonard
"I asked my subjects to put on an ill-fitted polyester suit. I told them they were trapped but had no place to escape to. I was voyeur to my own agonies."
Winter from Above
Filip Wolak
"familiar objects take new shapes by vividly contrasting against featureless backgrounds, often recognizable only by the shadow they cast."
Vignettes of a Salesman
Ole Marius Joergensen
"We follow a lonely, faceless salesman on his never-ending rounds, knocking on doors … the last of his kind."
Laura Hennessy
"This was about capturing the essence of the subject as it briefly moved through shadow and light, water and lens, with little ability to control image conceptualization and outcome."