Hidden Faces
Gabriel Isak
“My aim is to create a melancholic world in which the spectator is welcome to enter into a space where they can interact with the moods of the images.”
In My Skin
Michelle Sank
“I am looking at those who have had or are considering having cosmetic surgery in order to become more acceptable to themselves and achieve their ideal of being ‘beautiful’.”
Inside the Gate
Kent Krugh
“These portraits of trees are photomontages, and by virtue of the process used to create them, can be considered inverse panoramas.”
The Circle of Life
Geir Jordahl
“Like a crystal ball, each Circle of Life photograph takes us to a magical place.”
Japanese Temple Walls
Ryuten Paul Rosenblum
“Making these photographs is part of my ongoing interest in understanding and expressing how meeting takes place between our self, one another, each thing.”
Robert Moran
“My aim for this project is to honor our inventive past and save some of its icons for posterity. The objects are cultural artifacts from a different world.”
Charlotta María Hauksdóttir
“A sense of home is prevalent in my work and relates to more than a location, it is about memories, intimacy, and the attachment one has with a place.”
Strange Stories
Sean DuFrene
Each photograph is a scene stumbled upon in an odd moment during a very strange story.
Hazardous Shorelines
Geoffrey Agrons
“The series takes its title from a warning posted within landfill rubble on the eastern shore of the San Francisco Bay.”
Quiet Beauty
Braden Summers
“The people always have a certain je ne sais quoi about them, a uniqueness, a different kind of beauty.”
Buried Alive: The Story of Xian Cun
Steve Bromberg
“Xian Cun represents the destruction of the cultural history and the familial fabric that holds China together. I will continue to photograph Xian Cun until it is razed.”
Eclecticism as Genre
Dianne Yudelson
“Neither subject matter nor genre solely defines my images; they are defined by my artistic esthetic.”