What Are You Fighting For?
Sally Ann Field
"'What are YOU fighting for?' I asked this question while documenting peaceful protests in Los Angeles, California. I handed people a marker and this is what they had to say..."
Scanning the World
Scott Page
“There is a magical quality to point cloud imagery, similar to the earliest photos that froze time onto small metallic plates.”
Ashley Leonard
"I asked my subjects to put on an ill-fitted polyester suit. I told them they were trapped but had no place to escape to. I was voyeur to my own agonies."
Winter from Above
Filip Wolak
"familiar objects take new shapes by vividly contrasting against featureless backgrounds, often recognizable only by the shadow they cast."
Vignettes of a Salesman
Ole Marius Joergensen
"We follow a lonely, faceless salesman on his never-ending rounds, knocking on doors … the last of his kind."
Laura Hennessy
"This was about capturing the essence of the subject as it briefly moved through shadow and light, water and lens, with little ability to control image conceptualization and outcome."
Representation of Hidden Communication
Joshua Sariñana
"The image on the left represents the raw data collected by scientists, the image on the right, how scientists reveal nature through data filtering."
Once We Were Here
Nicolò Sertorio
“Humanity’s need for insatiable consumption has led it to the consumption of the self. Presented as a hypothetical archeological study on the nature of co-existence.”
Anne-Laure Autin
“I had a migraine attack while lying in bed. I couldn’t move, couldn’t even open my eyes, couldn’t call for help. My mind was fully on but my body was no longer responding to its command. I was locked-in.”
Book review: What’s Going On? 1969-1974
Ken Light
Life during the Nixon years, from political figures and cultural icons to Black Panthers and high school students. Ken Light was there.
Peter Braunholz
“Originally, these line houses were unvaried in design. What is presented here? A visualization of the human will to create and develop a personal environment?”
Hidden Faces
Gabriel Isak
“My aim is to create a melancholic world in which the spectator is welcome to enter into a space where they can interact with the moods of the images.”