Into the Anthropocene - Oildale Oilfields
David Gardner
“In order to preserve what we have, I believe it is important to reveal what we are losing.”
Saving Orangutans
Alain Schroeder
“On the one hand humans destroy virgin forests, wounding and killing animals, while on the other hand they do everything possible to save them.”
No Memory is Ever Alone
Catherine Panebianco
“I feel like the spirits of the past are all around us.”
The Poetry of Mushrooms
Jackie Heitchue
“The language of love is often spoken through flowers, but the elegant and fabled toadstool speaks louder to me.”
Fear of the Marketplace
Geoffrey Agrons
“When I found myself in public spaces, I simultaneously yearned to observe and felt compelled to flee.”
The Unchosen Ones
R. J. Kern
“One isn’t born a winner or loser, but a chooser.”
72 DPI — Some Myths Never Die
David Garnick
“The next time you see a request to submit your images at 72 dpi, tell them you don't believe in Santa Claus.”
Passing Merchants
Shaoyi Zhang
“ A portrait series which showcases small businesses in Shanghai facing disappearance today due to urban development.”
Urban Spirit
Olga Merrill
“These images are abstract impressionistic representations of contemporary life of the cities through Olga’s eyes. Each place in the world has its own spirit, essence and mystery.”
River Ice
Steve Geer
“… a celebration of the phenomenology of winter. It is a celebration of the natural world reaching into the center of the city, and of things that are novel because they are ever changing and brief.”
Hong Kong
Evan A Jordan
“The layers of the painted over images convey the gesture and nuance of a city that is both real and imagined, the streaks of colour and memory left by the urban geography.”
Other Worlds
Maja Strgar Kurecic
“I imagine these worlds, squeezed in my kitchen bowl, as new planets in the vastness of the Universe.”