Passing Merchants
Shaoyi Zhang
“ A portrait series which showcases small businesses in Shanghai facing disappearance today due to urban development.”
Urban Spirit
Olga Merrill
“These images are abstract impressionistic representations of contemporary life of the cities through Olga’s eyes. Each place in the world has its own spirit, essence and mystery.”
River Ice
Steve Geer
“… a celebration of the phenomenology of winter. It is a celebration of the natural world reaching into the center of the city, and of things that are novel because they are ever changing and brief.”
Hong Kong
Evan A Jordan
“The layers of the painted over images convey the gesture and nuance of a city that is both real and imagined, the streaks of colour and memory left by the urban geography.”
Other Worlds
Maja Strgar Kurecic
“I imagine these worlds, squeezed in my kitchen bowl, as new planets in the vastness of the Universe.”
Rusty Weston
“… exploring false impressions that can happen in the blink of a shutter.”
Museum of Words
Cetywa Powell
“I imagine a future where museums of words are created for people to visit, a place where magazines, newspapers, and printing presses will be on display.”
George Angelovski
“The allegorical scenes and portraits of Sweepers is about labour. Every workforce is history.”
Seen Worlds
Saman Genshin
“I walk around, mostly at night, a glimpse causes me to raise the camera and click.”
Japan Temple Pond Reflections
Ryuten Paul Rosenblum
“When we allow things to come forward and authenticate themselves, we may not only see the pond and the world reflected in it, but may have a glimpse into seeing what the pond might be seeing.”
Haruspicy and Faint Songs
Tara A. Cronin
“Like taking a survey, each subject is one of the many ways an ancient Diviner might find meaning in seeming chaos. This can be looking at entrails, patterns in fallen bones, or leaves scattered by the wind.”
Jose de Lago
“Going beyond the physical through new spaces, full of textures that prompt you to stop, contemplate, reflect on them, complementing some times and replacing the perceptible others.”