Double Tree
Gabriele Woolever
"There is a familiarity of presence on the street that is at once public yet intimate, circumscribed yet free. The invisible boundaries of yard and street hold spaces of autonomy - domains, even."
The Art of Living
Studio Award Winners
"From portraiture to street photography, social documentary to pictorial, these works illuminate how we live, where we live, and who we are."
Joshua Sariñana
"I telescope back in time to reconcile distinct representations of past and present self. As I encroach middle age I find myself questioning the accuracy of my memories."
Art in Movement
Ana Palacios
Daily life for young people living in the ghettoes of Kampala consists of struggling to survive. In adolescents with scarce financial resources, music, dance, circus, graffiti and other disciplines can be tools for social change.
Sunset Daydream Topiary
Greta & Manu Schnetzler
"An exploration of the Sunset District which retains much of its original architecture and character."
Matrimonial Ties
John Paul Evans
"Absurd permutations of the wedding/couple portrait within the domestic environment."
The Art of Living Photography Show
Gallery Award Winners
The award winning photographs. From portraiture to street photography, social documentary to pictorial, the works in this show illuminate how we live, where we live, and who we are.
Kazakh Eagle Hunters of Western Mongolia
Atul Prasad
"The eagle hunters of Western Mongolia lead a nomadic life finding greener pastures for their livestock. They hunt young foxes with eagles."
Alexandro Pelaez
"An ongoing series of multiple exposure portraits that represents actual Londoners in relation of what they do in their everyday profession."
Portraits from China
Ron Cooper
“Yunnan played an important role in regional trade as it borders Tibet, Vietnam, Laos and Burma. Yunnan remains home to considerable ethnic and language diversity.”
Scorched Earth
Julie & Kristen Gautier-Downes
“Though Kristen works in painting, and Julie works in photography, their creative interests center around making sense of the intense and emotional event that took away everything we owned.”
London Buses and Trains
Alan McQuillan
"The cramped spaces and poor lighting present a challenge to the photographer, but they also bring strangers into close proximity, or friends can be seen to interact unselfconsciously."