Energy - Ivanpah Thermal Solar Plant
David Gardner
“The Ivanpah Thermal Solar Power Plant came into view. Like a vision from Tolkien’s Mordor, three towers, glowing ominously, rise above the surrounding desert.”
Muses of stone: women lost to time’s embrace
Carson Barnes
“My calling is to remember and celebrate these women of the past. My models are their portraits in marble from their time.”
Scenes: San Francisco
Peter Michael Miller
“I choose a scene and then capture frames of strangers unpredictability entering and exiting.”
Floating Worlds
Ari Salomon
“I love the poetic relationship presented by making art about the grand qualities of mundane buildings — especially in a large-scale, panoramic format.”
2018 San Francisco Bay International Photo Show
Silver Medal Award Winners
Silver Medal Award winners from the 2018 San Francisco Bay International Photo Show.
2018 San Francisco Bay International Photo Show
Gold Medal Award Winners
See the Gold Medal photos in exhibition at ACCI Gallery, Berkeley, California, September 2-30, 2018.
Maƫlle Collin
“The landscapes are ripe with possible tragedies. Oddly enough, we get the impression that everything we see is frozen in silence. As if we were grappling with images from a walking dream.”
Churches Ad Hoc: A Divine Comedy
Herman Krieger
Offbeat look at churches in America
ECKEN (Corners)
Peter Braunholz
The hidden poetry of corners.
Women in the Sacred Valley
Eric Davidove
“Women in rural Peru generally take on work that does not require literacy or technical skill — making apparel, working on a farm, selling in outdoor markets, and taking care of their children.”
Magali Chesnel
“The strong contrasts and geometric shapes of the salt marshes remind me of abstract paintings. My series was taken with my head and my camera pointing directly downwards.”
The Mlabri of Northern Thailand
Sascha Richter
“In a period of about twenty years the Mlabri made a transition from nomadic hunter-gatherer communities living in the forest to a sedentary lifestyle in permanent settlements.”