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2013 San Francisco International Photography Exhibition
Gold Medal Award Winners
First Place Renée Munn
Second Place Matilde Gattoni
Third Place Andrew Ortiz
Dianne Yudelson
Krystle Wright
Allison Welch
Truong Huu Hung
Braden Summers
Karina Sechi Serboff
Lee Scott
Mateusz Sarello
Robert Rutoed
Normante Ribokaite
Saeed Rezvanian
Jane Olin
Dael Oates
Chester Ng
Roberta Marroquin Doria
Rahshia Linendoll-Sawyer
Lynn Karlin
Brian Hodges
Tony Hertz
Photographer Hal
Manuel Guerzoni
José María Gómez Ros
Lydia Goldblatt
Ann George
Harley Diven
Guido Dingemans
Francisco Diaz
Alexandros Demetriades
Amy Corder
Audrey Connolly
Preston Buchtel
Randy Bronkema
Steve Bromberg
Andrea Alessio
David Airob

The 2013 San Francisco International Photography Exhibition was held in San Francisco, California in July, 2013. The Exhibition was juried by Jim Casper, Editor and Publisher of Lensculture. Entries were received from over 50 countries.