Into the Void
Annette Schreiber
“A graceful building becomes iconic by striking a permanent pose. Such elegance in architecture makes it a timeless fashion.”
In Between
Mariko Evans
“The viewers are invited to feel, imagine, and react to the boundary between photography and painting.”
In Between
Miranda Schmitz
“I wanted to delve deeper than the individuality of the people and try and capture the essence of puberty as a developmental phase of life.”
Star Stories
Boys & Girls Club of Rosebud
“Astronomy, referred to as Star Knowledge, plays an important role in traditional Lakota cultural identity. Lakota Star Knowledge holds that the heavens and earth mirror each other.”
Still-Life Photography
Allen Schill
“The objects are found and often altered by me, and tend to show the marks of time. I select and combine them in a way that I hope brings out the visual resonance they produce together.”
Envisioning Habitat
Cheryl Medow
“I desire to share the beauty I see with the hope that once the magnificence of this planet and its amazing creatures is seen, the desire to preserve and protect it will find expression in the viewer.”
Identity and Perception
Sherry Karver
“Pushing traditional boundaries of photography, oil painting and narrative text, I combine them to create a unique hybrid that confronts today’s individual and societal issues.”
Beyond the Mundane
Linda Barsotti
“Objects in the house that are mundane and utilitarian: cleaning supplies, electronic parts and construction materials — objects that might be associated with femaleness or maleness.”
Center of Quiet
J. Felice Boucher
“My fine art photography is still and direct, and closely parallels my meditation practices.”
Sylvia Paret
“These photos depict a visual equivalent to what I imagine experiencing these playgrounds as a child might have felt like, or, at least, what the recollection of that experience might look like today.”
Abstract Architectural
Richard Greene
“The mathematical relationships among the buildings, the collisions of lines, the confusions of space and depth, the visual interactions of several structures at once, all are spellbinding.”
Stories from the Kitchen Table
Astrid Reischwitz
“When I visit my childhood home, I absorb the ingredients: the flavors of dishes, and the same furnishings, photographs, knick–knacks, and worn kitchen tools that have been there since well before I was born.”