The Mlabri of Northern Thailand
Sascha Richter
“In a period of about twenty years the Mlabri made a transition from nomadic hunter-gatherer communities living in the forest to a sedentary lifestyle in permanent settlements.”
The Bow
Cyrille Dubreuil
“The e-commerce revolution has transformed discretely, but deeply, the landscape and architecture of our suburban areas.”
Pure Proud Young Mothers
Melanie Rijkers
“Showing pure and natural bodies of women who are pregnant or mother, or both. Skin marks, striae, zits, all is unretouched. I want to show the purity of motherhood.”
Scenes from a Memory
Ekaterina Bourindine
“I return to my hometown, Lipetsk, following the traces of the young child I left behind.”
Gina Cholick
Metasomatism n: chemical change occurring in a body of ore or in a rock-mass at a considerable depth in the earth’s crust
Evelyne Chevallier
“My work is at the crossroads of Art and Documentary Photography.”
Fictitious Feasts
Charles Roux
“Fictitious Feasts gathers readers around a table — for every day meals, feasts, picnics, tea, banquets, and more — and reminds us all of the magic of storytelling.”
Out of the box
Dieter Schamne
“The colours, the shine and uniqueness of Scottish metropolises tell an unforgettable story of the country.”
The Departed Flower
JJ Ignotz
“The flower is one of the few things in this world that keeps its appeal and beauty in death.”
Behind These Walls
Brett Leigh Dicks
“Empty prisons are eerie places. Each prison has its own history, character, and stories to tell. Etched into their walls is the passing of generations of inmates each of whom has carved their passing.”
Up to Here and No Further
Jennifer Breuel
“The Himba, statuesque with intricately-adorned skin and hairdos created using goat hair, butter and mud coexist with their counterpart, the Herero, dressed in flamboyant victorian outfits.”
Adventures and Alchemy
Ry Sangalang
“Have you ever found that after going through a great adventure and it’s ordeals that you’re no longer the same person who started the journey?”