Portraits from China
Ron Cooper
“Yunnan played an important role in regional trade as it borders Tibet, Vietnam, Laos and Burma. Yunnan remains home to considerable ethnic and language diversity.”
Scorched Earth
Julie & Kristen Gautier-Downes
“Though Kristen works in painting, and Julie works in photography, their creative interests center around making sense of the intense and emotional event that took away everything we owned.”
London Buses and Trains
Alan McQuillan
"The cramped spaces and poor lighting present a challenge to the photographer, but they also bring strangers into close proximity, or friends can be seen to interact unselfconsciously."
Tara Sellios
"The feast has dried up and carnal pleasure has subsided. The wine is replaced by dirt and the flesh has withered away to the bone in a seemingly apocalyptic way."
Waking Dreams
Sonia Melnikova-Raich
"in real life things are rarely still and perfectly arranged, and our visual experience is rarely as focused and precise as a 'perfect' photograph might suggest.”
The Playground Series
Francisco Diaz / Deb Young
"For most of us growing up, playgrounds were more than a place for fun and games- they also provided a fast and hard lesson in how social structure works."
Soap Opera
Fang Tong
"The stage is always full of charm for me. The roughness of the deliberately constructed backgrounds produces a visually inauthentic effect."
Instructions for Use
Anna Teresa Pfeiffer
"Creating scenes that contain some simple yet absurd and sometimes useless solutions to small problems ..."
When Preparation Meets Opportunity
David Garnick
She said, "You were just lucky." The work that went into that luck.
Indifferent West
Daniel Mirer
"I photograph the found and sentimental representations of the mythic frontier of the American west. "
Ivan Clemente
"A scenario dominated by white, in which only the heels and music resonate."
Alessandro Giampaoli
“My work explores human nature and the relationship with the world in evolutionary terms touching on critical topics of contemporary life.”