Alessandro Giampaoli
“My work explores human nature and the relationship with the world in evolutionary terms touching on critical topics of contemporary life.”
Measured Disorder
Andrew Ortiz
"Dark in both emotional content and physical appearance, the images seek to express the intense psychological impact of dealing with physical challenges."
Joanna Borowiec
"I wanted to capture the shift in time and changes which become apparent in people after several, a dozen, and several dozens of years."
Legally Invisible
Oliver Weber
“Though many Roma were born e.g. in Serbia or have lived in Serbia for decades, many continue to be unsuccessful in proving their identity, registering their birth or acquiring citizenship and are Legally Invisible.”
Red Velvet
Valentina Casalini
"London has been the privileged setting of so many gothic stories and I’d like to resume those atmospheres like a psychogeographical interpretation of the city."
Balance: The Diary of New York City
Edi Chen
"I decided to embark on a year long urban symmetry photography project. I took the first picture for this project on January 7, 2016 and continued daily through January 6, 2017."
States of Grace
Wendi Schneider
“Drawn to the sensual, I seek serenity in visual balance and create glimpses of beauty to still the chaos in my mind.”
We Don't Do Miracles and God Don't Do Patterns
Bernadette Pollard
“Spending just a few hours on the floor of an iron and steel foundry is no joke. Your senses are assaulted by the noise, sparks, motion, gears, smell and heat.”
Sea Sketches
Sandrine Hermand-Grisel
"On the west coast of Florida lies Anna Maria, a quaint barrier island nestled in the Gulf of Mexico. The water is warm and turquoise, the sand is white."
The Flavor Enhancer
Natasha Podunova
"The Soviet city space was always too rough, straight and colorless. Changes of the 'Wild and Evil' 90s added colors, advertisements appeared in the streets."
Milieu Intérieur: Diary of a Recluse
Geoffrey Agrons
"This series evolved during a period of personal and professional retrenchment and, I confess, mild agoraphobia."
Family Matters
Jane Szabo
"Family Matters incorporates memory, metaphor and allegory to express the challenges, burdens and joys of my role as daughter, and now caretaker, of my elderly parents."