My work explores human nature and the relationship with the world in evolutionary terms touching on critical topics of contemporary life. I consider Ápeiron an allegory of human condition. Does a path that leads to the Being exist? If it does, it is a circular way. The idea of life considered as a straight line entails the principle of an End and of the Eternity fall. The man of XXI century is not asked to “be” , but “to become”: burning down in semblance with no trace of himself neither of seeds for new germination.

Agitation and sterility nourish the contemporary myth , raising the flag of a misleading freedom of the individuals. What we perceive as real, fragmented and deceptive, creates disorientation even though the way is well traced. The revolution would be the completion of a full cycle up to restart again, as the Nature does, showing a perpetual and a cyclical movement to return to itself.

So,  Wandering and seeking are solid bases to aim the Being,  but only with the acceptance of  the life flow. Therefore, the artistic research is seeking in order to come back to the Essence. I’m interested simply in communicating that sense of gratitude for the man’s skill to exist beyond the artificial examples. Isn’t the most important  artist’s capacity the one that permits the Man masks to be put off and to be led to the Essence, by using infinite kinds of imagination?

The creative process, in which the shooting is considered as final synthesis, is based on ritual gestures: a white pigment on the body or a black one on the vegetal elements that would compose the scene.  The body painted white doesn’t  just represent an act of purification, leading to an ancestral condition, but it can be thought also as a deep spiritual renewal. The black coloured plants , on the other hand, are metaphor of the man’s incapacity  of feeling himself as part of Nature’s order. This symbolic contrast between the absolutes, black and white, gradually blends to the total white as the last pictures of Apeiron series show. The human and the vegetal bodies join together, showing that everything is unity and equilibrium of strengths and every attempt of distance is a mental category, a misleading classification. The choice of certain species of plants, such as ivy, oak, olive or bramble alludes to a precise symbolic apparatus. The white space, empty in power, is the land of the lost correspondence between Life and Essence.

- Alessandro Giampaoli

Born in Pesaro, Italy, in 1972. After the Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours at Accademia di Belle Arti di Urbino he achieved the Master's Degree in Photography at Istituto Europeo di Design di Milano.

His artistic research is characterized by the clearest synthesis, not only formal but also ideological, along with a constant tension to the absolute and the spiritual dimension. He currently works with staged photography by painting the elements of the scene.

Alessandro Giampaoli has received international awards in major contests. He has exhibited in several group shows, solo shows and art fairs in Italy and abroad since 2000, including Photo ltd Torino, KunstArt Bolzano, Lucca Digital Photo Fest, Madrid Foto, La Biennale di Venezia, and others. His works are included in public and private collections.

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