Londoners is an ongoing series of multiple exposure portraits that represents actual Londoners in relation of what they do in their everyday profession in one the most if not the most cosmopolitan, challenging, and competitive cities in the world.

All portraits where taken in my studio using a Canon 5D Mark III using multiple exposures. Depending on their profession, each person's working tool(s) were used in the portrait, as well as ripped photos and sketches, computer screens among others in order not only to represent that person but also to give a sense of mood and texture.

- Alexandro Pelaez

This series won a Portfolio Award in the 2017 Art of Living Photography Show.

Alexandro Pelaez is a Venezuelan photographer based in London who initially started his professional career in Advertising in Florida. Having moved to London in 2001, Alexandro has worked over the years on various photography projects, with different clients, in the UK, Latvia, Germany, Italy, France, Vietnam and USA. Recently, Alexandro received the "Highly Commended" Award by the London Photographic Association for his Heroes & Villains series and will be exhibiting in February 2018 his complete Londoners series at the D Contemporary Gallery in London.

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