This series focuses on Japanese urban industrial architecture. The pictures are composed of individual photographs, shot in sequence, and then stitched together on a computer. Some are 360 degrees and some are less. Some present a vertical view that includes ground and sky together.

I love the poetic relationship presented by making art about the grand qualities of mundane buildings — especially in a large-scale, panoramic format. Layers of history are brought to life in this wide angle of view as the eye compares the relationship of buildings and the spaces between them. The viewer discovers unexpected juxtapositions and whimsical details.

I am interested in the way photographs abstract space and time; how they can capture cycles of construction and deconstruction, and evidence of people living or just passing through. Together, the images present questions about cultural authenticity and what makes one location unique from any other.

- Ari Salomon

The series won a Portfolio Award in the San Francisco Bay International Photo Show.
Ari Salomon is a fine art photographer working in San Francisco. He is represented by The SFMOMA Artists Gallery and PHOTO Oakland. He was born in Israel, raised in San Diego and now is based in San Francisco. He received a B.A. from U.C. Santa Cruz in 1993 in Art History with a focus on contemporary art theory and studio photography. He has exhibited across the USA as well as internationally in Tokyo, Paris and Lodz, Poland.

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