The eagle hunters of Western Mongolia are typically Kazakh immigrants. They lead a nomadic life and their life revolves around finding greener pastures for their livestock. They migrate 5 to 6 times a year. Winter migration is the toughest owing to the harsh weather conditions (temperatures below -40° C are common, accompanied by snowstorms during migration). Summers are the time when they stay longest in one place.This is also the time for festivals, weddings and sports. Horse racing, wrestling and archery are three of their most important sports.

They also search for the Balapan Eagle, a young eagle that will be trained by them for hunting, an ancient tradition that is still practiced by a little over hundred families. They hunt for young foxes using these eagles since their eyes are sharp enough to spot the swift foxes. Once the fox is killed, the eagle gets the meat and the hunters keep the fox’s fur for their clothing.

- Atul Prasad

This series won a Portfolio Award in The Art of Living Photography competition.

I have always been intrigued by people who lead lives other than the one I am used to. I am a software engineer by profession and have a passion for people photography.

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