Quiet Beauty is a modern take on traditional portraiture, exaggerating and complimenting the exotic features of each subject. About half of my subjects are models, the others are folks I know or are fascinating characters I have met on the streets and in restaurants. The people always have a certain je ne sais quoi about them, a uniqueness, a different kind of beauty. After I decide on my subject, I pull from my inspiration board of paintings that I have seen over the years to conjure up the right color palette. The props and background are always very simple and colorful to evoke some of the painted portraits from the renaissance, art deco, and fauvist eras. Each and every shot is entirely lit by natural light.

The inspiration for my work is always driven by beauty. That may seem like an obvious statement as an artist, of course people like to view beautiful things, but I strive to get my audience to really notice the way in which I see beauty. Some of my work is fantasy driven, much of it is inspired by the great painters of our past, and always it is romanticizing the people I meet and the world that I live in.

There is a softness in mood and in the character’s expression that I think is ubiquitous in all of my work. More importantly, there is always a vision that I set out to create before I pickup a camera. So much of the success of one of my images is based on pre-production and tying it all together by focusing on an overall color palette.

- Braden Summers

Braden Summers graduated from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco, in 2008 and currently resides in San Francisco after living in cities all over the world including New York, Paris, and Los Angeles. He received a Gold Medal Award in the 2013 San Francisco International Photography Exhibition

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