My calling is to remember and celebrate these women of the past. My models are their portraits in marble from their time. These women felt all that we do and lived real lives; I search to find who they were, what this moment was, who sculpted them, why and how they lived and died. They don’t move when asked, so I must find their best views, on my back on cemetery gravel, finding the gaze. Several views may be combined, just as we combine views of sculpture in our minds, to create the single best view.

Why bring them to life? The attitudes and beliefs of the past are in their situations and stories. The revelation is that culture changes while human beings… not so much.

Why now? My work is timely. It seems like some feminine power has chosen me. It is mysterious. It’s burning me up. I am humbled. To remember them is to honor them; to depict them is to celebrate them. I hope you can’t stop looking at them.

- Carson Barnes

I've been painting since 1965, printmaking since 1971 and photographing since 1974. With this work, I postprocess using layers much as I did in screen printing, but more precisely.

I moved from California in 2012, to rural Georgia, where I have a sizable studio and am rather enjoying the south.

This series won a Portfolio Award in the 2018 San Francisco Bay International Photo Competition.

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