The city is my studio in which I frame the landscape of the American mind. With its geometry and contrast, the urban landscape is the perfect canvas to reveal the humanity alive within it. In a world mastered by the digital and surreal, people are photographed in the reality of city, and are documented as existing in that moment in time when the shutter closes.

I use elements of shadow, light, contrast, and the geometry I find in the city to give context to the subjects. All the elements are meant not only to document, but to capture how it feels to live in our modern cities with all the emotion, and the humanity behind the everyday.

- Cassandra Zampini

Cassandra Zampini is a classic street photographer and emerging artist featured in numerous galleries and publications including The Atlantic. Her work is currently being exhibited at 555 Gallery, and  Carroll and Sons Art Gallery among others in Boston and is forthcoming at the Museum of Fine Arts curated show Stare at Boston's City Hall.

She lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts and her photographs span across urban environments including Boston, New York City, Seattle and Chicago.

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