Fictitious Feasts visually weaves the links between literature, food, and photography by bringing food scenes found in classic works of literature to life. It harnesses the power of food and storytelling to gather people together and inspire feelings of familiarity, comfort, and shared humanity.

Eating is an essential activity that connects both a primal survival need and an inherent desire for social connection. Literature is frequently embedded in the imagery of food, and in many cases, characters busy themselves with the preparation or the consumption of a meal. The motif of food is particularly interesting in so far as it is an integral aspect of everyday life and its rituals, and therefore becomes a landmark in the storytelling process.
 By giving life to the story, food can define a character or convey a theme: it relates the characters to a particular social or cultural identity. Writing reveals a great deal of human behaviours when intertwined with the literary treatment of food, for food not only nourishes, but can be a pretext to dramatic events or metaphors. Both food and words are essential to the human race, and the way they are closely interwoven in literature reveals a certain human dimension. Meals provide physical as well as psycho-emotional nourishment. The powerfulness of the gustatory experience engages all the senses.

Fictitious Feasts gathers readers around a table—for every day meals, feasts, picnics, tea, banquets, and more—and reminds us all of the magic of storytelling.

- Charles Roux

As a professional photographer based in Paris, I specialize in still life and landscape photography. I attended Icart Photo in Paris and graduated as double-valedictorian for my studies and portfolio. My academic background also includes studies in English and Hispanic history and literature. My practice of visual arts is widely influenced by literature, painting, and cinema. From these various inspirations and sensations, I aspire to convey a myriad of emotions and questions. Above all, I endeavour to create atmosphere. I am currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Anglo-Saxon Literature, with an analytical focus on the literary food motif.

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