Photographing both landscapes and domestic spaces, my images are an emotional interpretation of my surroundings. A sense of home is prevalent in my work and relates to more than a location, it is about memories, intimacy, and the attachment one has with a place. Originally from Iceland, I have lived all over the world for over 20 years and this displacement has greatly influenced my work and was the inspiration for the series “Moments”, where I am photographing families at home.

Several photographs, taken over time are compiled and faded one into another creating an image where the space remains mostly the same but the families’ actions and interactions, recorded in various positions within the image, exhibit a ghostlike appearance. Highlighting the temporality of being, the photographs become a testament to the seemingly mundane happenings that combine to comprise meaningful memories. As Gaston Bachelard states in his book The Poetics of Space, “the house has both unity and complexity, it is made out of memories and experiences, its different parts arouse different sensations and yet it brings up a unitary, intimate experience of living.” Evoking feelings of both nostalgia and loss, the stillness in the images briefly suspends time, creating room for thought about one’s own experiences, and the familiar landscapes of our memories and places.

- Charlotta María Hauksdóttir

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