We are surrounded by windows that reflect light. There are often reflections inside reflections that we dismiss, don’t acknowledge, or even see. These optical shards disappear with a turn of the head or a step to the right. Familiar, but also worth a second look and consideration. As I photograph reflections, I muse on feelings I forgot to feel, details I didn’t notice, dreams I can’t quite recall, conversations I don’t understand, and places I miss in my rush through life. Just out of reach, but for me, still worth pursuing.

- Donna Tramontozzi

This series won a Portfolio Award in the 2019 San Francisco Bay International Photography Awards.

Boston–based Donna Tramontozzi is a photographer who seeks out patterns in nature and landscape to encourage the viewer to take a different perspective. For her, photography opens a passage into greater understanding of the mysteries of the natural world and the human experience.

An avid traveler, Donna takes advantage of exploring the photographic possibilities she finds in new places to discover an unexpected pleasure or uncover a new mystery. Donna has studied at the Santa Fe Photographic workshops and at the Griffin Museum of Photography. Her solo show, Optical Shards, has been shown in various Griffin–affiliated galleries. She has exhibited in multiple juried shows in New England.

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