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Women in the Sacred Valley
Eric Davidove

For the past few years I have been making photographs without trying to tell a specific story or convey a particular message. I have simply taken candid street photos of people, situations and decisive moments that caught my eye.  During this time of randomness and experimentation I improved my skills and refined my unique photographic style. Eventually I noticed that I was progressively becoming more purposeful and intentional when taking photos, and that a kind of theme or structure was emerging that linked some individual photos into a coherent narrative. It was this development that led to my decision to make a photography series.

My experiences in Peru during a 2018 visit made it easy to choose that beautiful country as the subject of the series.  Peru is a fascinating and dynamic country that has preserved its artistic and social traditions. I knew I would be able to make colorful and beautiful photographs that are unique and memorable.  My interest was to make authentic, spontaneous photographs of Peruvians who live in the Sacred Valley, letting the shape and focus of the narrative emerge as time went on.

After about a week of shooting, I noticed that I had a lot of photographs of women and children.  That’s because most men were working indoors while I was photographing, and not outside on the streets.  Women in rural Peru have fewer employment opportunities than men, and are less educated. They generally take on work that does not require literacy or technical skills—activities such as making apparel and textiles, working on a farm, preparing meals, selling things in outdoor markets, and taking care of their children.  

In short, an emphasis on women and children emerged as the coherence that shaped my photographic work there. I hope you enjoy my series of photographs that depict rural Peruvian women and children in the authentic context of their daily routines.

- Eric Davidove

I became a serious photographer about 3 years ago when I finally purchased a decent camera, some lenses, and stopped using the fully automatic mode. I make my photos while walking the streets, mostly focusing on people and moments. Many of my photographs have appeared in juried exhibitions, some have even won awards. A few of my photographs have been published. At this point in my photographic journey, I am turning my attention to the creation of photo projects that link individual photos into coherent narratives. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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