I’m working on a series of photo–based digital paintings and a book project titled, Hong Kong. The Hong Kong visuals evoke an urban beauty, lingering colonial sentiment and nostalgia felt in the moment, even if it was not actually present in the natural lighting or settings of the city. The 72 images that constitute the work–in–progress were created after spending 3 months traveling in Hong Kong during 2018.

I focused on capturing the mundane, quotidian aspects of daily life, drawing inspiration from photographers such as Stephen Shore and Martin Parr, and painters Eric Fischl and Gerhard Richter, in their tactile use of blurs and smears, and intentional manipulations of reality. The layers of the painted over images try and convey the gesture and nuance of a city that is both real and imagined, the streaks of colour and memory left by the architectural and human aspects of the urban geography. Hong Kong is a dreamed blur of multivalent histories and peoples, criss–crossing each other and time, leaving a palimpsest of memories accrued in endless alleyways and slopes of city streets.

- Evan A Jordan

Evan A Jordan’s art brings together years of obsessive study of street photographers, from originators like Cartier–Bresson to contemporaries like Boogie. Drawing on his educational background in Applied Photography and professional experience as a digital designer and Illustrator, he developed a style that maintains the gesture of the moment captured, but adds colour, blurring, and outlined and edged brushstrokes to the often flat, wide–aspect photos that come out of camera from a phone. The resulting photo–based digital paintings are a hybrid, an original juxtaposition of photorealism and the imagined, expressionistic world of a painter’s mind’s eye.

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