This body of work, Deified, evolved from my interest in creating portraits of my models in areas which included the haunting beauty of Maine: fog-filled beaches, aged inns, historic college halls, vacant ballrooms, and deep woods.

After I photographed each of the women my interest moved from the environment to the models. I began splitting the images in half, flipping them to create new beings in symmetry with a strong graphic layout of the page. The images started to take on a folk art aesthetic. They also gained a royal presence - like goddesses or deities, the women seemed to hold a mystical power in their gazes.

I chose "Deified" as the title for the series because "deified" is a palindrome (it reads the same forwards and backwards), and the women in the images have been transformed from mere mortals to goddess-like beings ... making them divine.

- Felice Boucher

J. Felice Boucher holds a BFA from Maine College of Art. She has been awarded the Master Degree and Certification by the Professional Photographers of America, in recognition of her success in photographic competition, advanced education, and service to the profession. Her photograph Blackbirds was a Gold Medal Award winner in our 2012 San Francisco International Photography Exhibition.

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