In these images I let myself be guided by two suggestions that I think can be, for me, the synthesis of the places portrayed.

THE TIME: In the Venetian Lagoon and more generally in the islands, I feel a different temporal space dimension: I have the perception that time slows down, it dilates.

THE LIGHT: Looking at these places I noticed how rarely the light is direct and polarized, such as the powerful one of the clear skies of our southern Italy. More frequently, because of the humidity in the air, I had the sensation of being in a blinding light bubble, where the diffused brightness reflects on the stagnant water. Sky and water come together to become one. They are mostly “suspended” images in which time expands and the light floods everything, subverting the physics of the shadows.

- Francesco Munaro

This series won a Portfolio Award in the 2020 San Francisco Bay International Photography Awards.

My first approach to photography was in the 90s by attending numerous workshops on technique, history and photographic language and experimenting with traditional techniques in the darkroom. In 2009 I started using infrared photography, especially in surveys of the Veneto territory, finding in this new language that strength, that often dramatic emphasis I had been looking for for some time.

In recent years I have returned to color and recently I am experimenting with the “Pinhole technique”. In landscape photography I always try to insert elements that tell how man is changing his territory. For me, the photographic image is above all a special vehicle of emotions: photographing is placing yourself in front of the world and listening to myself.

In 2018 I obtained the “Master of reportage photography” at the John Kaverdash Academy of Photography in Milan. I received numerous awards including the first prize in the “People” section, in the National Geographic Italia magazine competition in 2017. I live in Italy

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