Melancholy is one side of the coin that is life, a place in time where one might feel the urge to hide behind physical and mental barriers. In this series of photographs, my aim is to create a melancholic world in which the spectator is welcome to enter into a space where they can interact with the moods of the images.

Depicting the characters anonymously, and with the use of dull light and a monochromatic color theme, I’ve attempted to open up an eerie atmosphere consisting of emotions of solitude and struggle. In the end, melancholy leads one to face the shadows, to accept them and to possibly reach the light that awaits outside the picture and to “Let go”.

- Gabriel Isak

Gabriel Isak is a visual artist based in San Francisco. His art documents the external and internal world, creating surreal photographs that depict reality as he perceives it. His art often takes place in vacant environments where he makes use of symbolism and his own visual language to tell a story in each image.

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