When I moved to Double Tree Drive from the heart of Old Town Fort Collins, I found a different place here on the outskirts than most people would recognize, though it's still the same city. There is a familiarity of presence on the street that is at once public yet intimate, circumscribed yet free. The invisible boundaries of yard and street hold spaces of autonomy - “domains,” even. Yet their physical accessibility to others, to people who are neighbors and/or perhaps strangers, is just as viable. They are there for all to behold.

There is a seemingly tacit mutual agreement to honor these boundaries, though so little may be required to cross them. But crossing is seldom transcendence: the identified spaces remain. They are wary, vulnerable, defiant, subtle, inviting, rigorous, warm. Interpreting what happens there is also a matter of negotiation, and reflects these boundaries. What appears to be violence may be play. What appears to be tension may be familiarity. What appears to be mocking may be revelry. And the inverse of these is also true. I wanted to explore these tensions and relationships visually, and enter into them as I continue to find my own place here.

This project is occasionally ongoing. The images are shot on medium format film and scanned for use.

- Gabriele Woolever

This series won a Portfolio Award in The Art of Living Photography competition.

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