Like a crystal ball, each Circle of Life photograph takes us to a magical place. We peek into the luminous landscapes and details of another reality adjacent to our own. Whether the urban/natural pathways of Central Park or the fog shrouded peaks of Zhangjiajie in China, we are transported. The Circle of Life holds beginnings and endings, large vistas and quiet details to make us pause and reflect.

The Circle of Life series continues my interest in seeing more. From this panoramic vision, both vertical and horizontal, I embrace the challenge of hemispherical photography using extreme wide-angle lenses to bring us new worlds and new ways of seeing.

- Geir Jordahl

Geir Jordahl’s work has been in major exhibitions in Finland, France, Germany, Japan, and the United States. He is Director of PhotoCentral, a non-profit photographic educational facility in Hayward, California. With this series he won a Portfolio Selections Award in the 2014 San Francisco International Photography Competition.

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