The Sunset Daydream series captures a distinctive San Francisco neighborhood with its unique topiary shrubs in front of mid-century homes. Although they are also visually compelling in daylight, at night there is a sense of mystery and fantasy evoked by the lighting and twisted shadows, as well as the almost universal absence of human activity. This series is part of our ongoing visual exploration of the Sunset District which retains much of its original architecture and character, although changes in other parts of San Francisco brought about by the most recent "tech boom" are starting to be seen here as well. It is this sense of a neighborhood on the brink of transformation which draws us back again and again and lets us discover each time new aspects of a familiar area.

We have had a longstanding interest in night photography as reflected in the variety of subject matter and places depicted in our work. Our collaboration has now spanned over 22 years. Our night work is an especially good example of our continuing desire to explore our environment, to see common sights in a different way and to capture images that reveal the mystery of the everyday.

We are struck by the power of night lighting (whether moonlight or artificial) to create beauty and feeling in urban settings. We have an attraction to what has been left behind to be destroyed, to decay, or just to wait to be reanimated by human presence. Although our work is not documentary, we see our urban landscape transforming so quickly that we often feel a sense of urgency to photograph the scenes that we are drawn to before they fall to the steady march of progress.

- Greta & Manu Schnetzler

This series won a Portfolio Award in the 2017 "Art of Living Photography Show.

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