My fine art photography is still and direct, and closely parallels my meditation practices. All sense of time and place is set aside when I focus on a photograph’s creation. Although much of my time is invested in commercial photograph my fine art work is grounded in my passion of photography, painting, design and color.

This series won a Portfolio Award in the 2018 San Francisco Bay International Photography Exhibition.

- J. Felice Boucher

Born in Lewiston, Maine. High School drop–out then returned, at age 28, to obtain my 1 credit to receive my diploma. Attended Maine College of Art starting as a 29 yr old single mother of two young children. Worked two and three part time jobs while attending college full–time. After graduation I worked at a variety of jobs while raising my children. Once my children were out on their own I started a photography business; photographing weddings and portraits. I have been supporting myself with my photography for about 27 years. I no longer photograph weddings and now photograph real estate and try to fit in time for my person art work… creating my art work is a luxury, time wise, for me.