Matrimonial ties is a project that encompasses varied responses and challenges to the historical and cultural significance of the wedding portrait in western culture. The works originated in 2013 as a personal reflection on the media debate in Britain, Europe and America around notions or definitions of marriage. Home & away adopts the visual metaphor of alienation in presenting the couple, my partner Peter and myself, literally as ‘outsiders’. This picture of ‘otherness’ fluctuates between the poignant, the comic, and a potentially disturbing presence in the domestic space. ‘Till death us do part’ is a series of absurd permutations of the wedding/couple portrait within the domestic environment. 'Home Sweet Home' was originally commissioned for the 2015 Ffotogallery Diffusion Festival in Cardiff. The theme of the festival was ‘looking for America’ and my response makes lateral connections with the American President Abraham Lincoln, the opera singer Adelina Patti, the aesthete Oscar Wilde, and the 19th century ballad 'home sweet home', written by John Howard Payne. After receiving the Hasselblad Masters Award in 2016 for an image from till death us do part, I was commissioned by Hasselblad to make a series of images for the award publication ‘Inspire’ in the wedding social category. The images, 'kings, queens & fairy tales', brings together some of the earlier themes and strategies, and were largely influenced by Mario Pratz’ writings on the ‘conversation piece’ in western art.

- John Paul Evans

This series won the First Place Portfolio Award in the 2017 Art of Living Photography Show.

John Paul Evans is a Welsh born photographic artist and academic who now lives in Devon. His work explores the polemics of gender representation in photography. He is a recipient of the 2015 Hasselblad Masters of Photography Award. He has exhibited nationally and internationally in galleries and museums, and his work has appeared in various publications.

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