For twelve years, I have been living in a small Nova Scotia fishing village. As I walk my young dog along the shore and the barrens, we note the changes.

When you live at the edge of a continent, the elemental force of weather, wind, and wave strips away your sentimentality for nature. You feel the power of the ocean at night as it grinds the granite boulders into sand. After storms, whole chunks of the shore will have disappeared. Hurricanes rip away wharfs and deposit sofas on the beach.

The violence of North Atlantic storms is increasing. The severe winter of 2015 may be the result of global warming. In this suite, I’m attempting to show changes in weather patterns through a series of stripped down, minimal images taken in my backyard.

- Kip Harris

I am a retired architect now living on Nova Scotia's South Shore. My wife and I share a heavy timber cape originally built in 1823 that overlooks the St. Margaret's Bay. We are involved in a cottage industry puppet dance theater: Company X Puppets.

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