The most important aspect of photography to me is being able to present a differing visual perspective on a common object or subject that may have been overlooked using isolation, abstraction, and magnification. The “Swim” series is part of an ongoing study of this. These images represent a casual and brief exploration of some of nature’s smaller designs. The intricate shapes, colors, textures and qualities of luminosity are what interested me most when photographing these fish.

Unlike my other works that have been very much about control of object and a highly constructed composition, this series was about capturing the essence of the subject as it briefly moved through shadow and light, water and lens, with little ability to control image conceptualization and outcome. The goal was to record the beauty in the finer details of the physical being, while conveying the greater feelings of weightlessness, fragility and grace of form.

Raised by an architect and an interior designer, I learned early on to see art in the composing elements, not just in the completed projects or pieces. The material make-up, specific patterns and contours, varying hues and tactile qualities are what interest me as an artist and that which I chose to explore and expose in my work.

- Laura Hennessy

Laura Hennessy is a visual artist specializing in conceptual still life and macro photography. Her work has received numerous national and international awards and has been published in various acclaimed commercial and fine art publications such as Communication Arts, Smithsonian Magazine and Creative Quarterly Journal of Art and Design. She received a Gold Medal Award in the 2012 New Images Photography Exhibition.

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