In this series I give consideration to those objects in the house that are mundane, utilitarian objects: cleaning supplies, electronic parts and construction materials, specially chosen objects that might be associated with femaleness or maleness. I have manipulated and re–contextualized them into a new form removing their function and embracing androgyny.

I observe viewers of my work initially responding to the abstractness of the objects. However, once cognizant of what it actually is, there is a shift in perception and identity: women identify more readily with the cleaning supplies, men with objects associated with tech or construction. This gives cause to re–evaluate assumptions and stereotypes.

While gender is a construct and not a binary, do we still pigeonhole ourselves into an ill–defined collection of behaviors and characteristics that we have decided are male or female?

- Linda Barsotti

This series won a Portfolio Award in the 2018 San Francisco Bay International Photography Exhibition.

Linda Barsotti’s fine art photography concentrates on exploring fragments, analyzing the surroundings to create abstractions. Removing extraneous surroundings, concentration is placed on the interplay of lines and movement, deconstructing surroundings and creating a collision between the representational and the abstract. Linda’s 20 year background in Floral Art and Design establishes the foundation for her transition to Photography.

Linda has studied photography at the San Francisco Academy of Art and the College of San Mateo in addition to independent studies at various workshops. Studies included both film and darkroom techniques, digital, and most currently experiments in scanning (camera–less) techniques.

Her works have been exhibited in many galleries throughout the United States, published three times in Black and White Magazine and in the 2018 Diffusion Annual IX.

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