The natural Park of Camargue, in the south of France, captured my heart, my soul, and my mind one year ago. Flying above its salt marshes is very inspiring. It takes you elsewhere. Nature there is pretty spectacular; it is one of the best designers, never failing to impress. When the water becomes very salty during the summer time, the shrimp disappear, causing algae to proliferate. The colours reach their maximum intensity and can vary from lighter shades of green and yellow to vibrant red. The colour becomes a language that inspires, touches viewers and, hopefully, makes them reflect on what they see. Exploring the photos on a deeper level brings a new perspective. We discover something familiar or unknown from a new vantage point.

The strong contrasts and geometric shapes of the salt marshes remind me of abstract paintings. I decided to create a landscape series making reference to famous paintings, while expressing the same powerful emotions as paintings of Sanyu, Zao Wou-Ki, Rothko, or Miró can provoke.

"A painting is not a picture of an experience, it is an experience."
– Mark Rothko
I deeply think we should all do with a bit more of Rothko’s principles in our way of photographing: insisting on the primacy of raw emotion, to push the boundaries of form and color to make photos appear as “painting-like” as possible.

My series was taken with my head and my camera pointing directly downwards.

- Magali Chesnel

I am an artist painter and self-taught photographer. Born in Versailles and a native of Brittany, France. I work in Geneva, Switzerland. I really enjoy having the flexibility of stretching my wings, in order to explore all the moments that life has to offer to photography.

I specialize in capturing “the moment” in the course of life, more than fixed times. When I am taking photos, I usually have no expectations. I go fishing and I don't know what I will find. To catch the decisive second that will make my photographs entrancing, when the moment is captured, causing an emotion, is my ultimate objective. My ambition: to be a witness of my time, to anticipate events with news photos, to inform the public and to raise awareness, with ethics.

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