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Other Worlds
Maja Strgar Kurecic

In the intimacy of my room I dive deep into the unpredictable, hidden world of colors and liquids. While trying to capture the unstable forms with my camera, I’m searching for Other Worlds. Although in reality these worlds are squeezed in my kitchen bowl, I imagine them as new planets in the vastness of the Universe. For me those photographs represent a search for broader spaces, wider horizons, and a proof that even between the four walls of your room you could travel far with your imagination. When I create these photographs, I feel like I’m crossing the boundaries of the place where I physically stand and move to the infinite space of the mind. And there… everything is possible.

- Maja Strgar Kurecic

Maja Strgar Kurecic is an Associate Professor at Faculty of Graphic Arts, University of Zagreb, where she teaches several courses about photography. Areas of research relate to printing technology, digital photography and graphic design. Beside scientific work, she is engaged in photography, publishing many photographs in books, magazines, art calendars, posters. She has exhibited photographs in 45 group and 20 independent exhibitions, held in country and abroad. She is a member of ULUPUH (Croatian Association of Artists of Applied Arts) and CPPA (Croatian Press Photographers Association). Her photographs have won many awards, most recently, the 12th Julia Margaret Cameron Award for best series “Other Worlds” in the abstract category in the professional section.

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