This series, In between, is to express the space in between …

Noise and serenity.
Peace and chaos.
Happiness and sorrow.
Light and darkness.
Reality and dream.
Ambiguity and obvious.
Abstraction and figuration.
Focus and out of focus.
Invisible and visible.
… you name it.

The viewers are invited to feel, imagine, and react to the boundary between photography and painting, individually, in their own ways. See what you’re looking for.

What do I look for? I do not know. I will know, one day, so meanwhile — let me be here, in between.

Don’t define, be delicate.

- Mariko Evans

This series won a Portfolio Award in the 2018 San Francisco Bay International Photography Competition.

A self taught photographic artist, based in Vancouver, Canada, born and raised in Japan. Photography has always been her serious hobby since she obtained her first film SLR in 1990. After living/traveling to many places (including her inner world), she strongly reconnected with photography and started photographic services in 2008 in Sydney, Australia, where half her soul still resides. In 2011 she moved to Vancouver and continued to create her artworks.

Her style is rather eclectic. She captures moments just as they are, and as she sees them through the feelings they evoke in her. She creates stillness through motion, uses little to no Photoshop/post production.

Through photography, she seeks peace of mind, and her works express the world on mute, the boundary between painting and photography. Mariko has shown her work internationally.

When she is not holding her camera, she is most likely seen on the dance floors, dancing social Argentine Tango.

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