When a young woman 16 to 22 years old decides to keep her baby, who are we to judge and disapprove of her choice? She chose LIFE.

All portraits are 100% Photoshop free, showing pure and natural bodies of women who are pregnant or mother, or both. Skin marks, striae, zits, all is unretouched. I want to show the purity of motherhood. In my work I like to focus on the beauty of our world and the people living in it. To me it’s the purest of the purest choices ever to be made: (Yes) I am having a baby.

- Melanie Rijkers

When I was a child I loved drawing and painting. I fell in love with photography at age 17. Being HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) and a visual thinker, I See Pure. I love looking at life with Pure, Good eyes. Pure perception creates positive energy and happiness for its creator and audience. I'm working as a Life Coach for several years now, using Therapeutic Photography and Photo Therapy to help you See.

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