In Between is not necessarily an examination into the specific traits of the current generation of teenagers, but rather an honest and timeless musing about coming of age in general. Since I don’t have children of my own but do possess a certain curiosity about the current generation of teenagers, I used my camera as a “looking glass” to observe their world.

For this project I wanted to delve deeper than the individuality of the people and try and capture the essence of puberty as a developmental phase of life. I photographed youths between the ages of 13 and 15. They are the sons and daughters of associates and colleagues. I knew they existed but I didn’t really know them personally. I do, after all, need a certain distance to have an authentic frame of reference. Because the images have been stripped of all context, the kids can only communicate with their bodies and show themselves and their personality through their look and posture.

My base principle is that every generation of teenagers struggles with themselves and the world, regardless of the period in which they grow up.

This series won a Portfolio Award in the 2018 San Francisco Bay International Photography Exhibition.

- Miranda Schmitz

Miranda Schmitz runs her own business (interim management and consultancy). She is a recent graduate of the Academy of Art in Lier, Belgium. She strives to collect moods and sensations in her work. She prefers to make suggestive, evocative and ambiguous photos which are often layered. Her photos have been awarded with various prizes and have been shown at national and international events.

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