Images stimulate desire. Behind the outer surface of the urban space visual images there is a layer of meaning that is symbols and signs. Visual reality should be seen as a cultural construct which is to be “read” and interpreted in the same way as a literary text; as a cultural "text" which reflects the history of the country, everything which was accumulated over the centuries in the same general appearance of the urban environment and contains "folk relics" themselves.

The Soviet city space was always too rough, straight and colorless. Changes of the “Wild and Evil" 90s added colors, advertisements appeared in the streets. On the one hand that solved the utilitarian task of business self-presentation, both big and small, but on the other hand dominated as a decorative element of the urban environment. Intuitively, passing through oneself the information mess one wants to get rid of it, first of all. Unfortunately it is impossible. I tried to transform the visual trash which I face almost every day into the abstract images popping up in my head from time to time when I see that “trash” again.

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I take the ordinary, unremarkable pictures, literally everything that I see on a walk, then print them on transparency film, and experiment with different ways of blending, pictures show through and motion during a camera time exposure. I am fascinated by the unpredictability of the result; it is very similar to the fortune-telling on Christmas Eve or creating abstractions on canvas while painting with closed eyes. Getting the picture which makes one to fancy more of the images and provoke the freak of the imagination takes a lot of time. This confirms the fact that a lot of things in this world happens not by chance; now I have no doubts about that.

- Natasha Podunova

Lens based artist, a member of the Russian Union of Art Photographers since 2012. A graduate of the educational program "FotoDepartament. Institution". A participant of numerous group exhibitions of contemporary art and documentary photography in the cities of Russia, Europe and Asia. The winner of the Gold Medal of the 15th International Festival in China. The solo exhibition was held at the Contemporary Art Gallery in Yekaterinburg in 2013. The author of "Look wider" photobook devoted to the life of blind people which is in the collections of Russian science and culture centers in Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Gdansk, Helsinki, Vienna, Antalya.

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