Roma throughout the Balkan Region are some of the most vulnerable people. Though many Roma were born e.g. in Serbia or have lived in Serbia for decades, many continue to be unsuccessful in proving their identity, registering their birth or acquiring citizenship and are "Legally Invisible". Recent changes in Serbian court procedures for the determination of date and place of birth have helped Roma in Serbia receive proper birth registration, but many have not benefited from the recent changes. They continue to be at risk of statelessness because they still face challenges in acquiring documentation and citizenship. Several Roma families created a new informal camp where, like many Roma, they live on the margins of society.

- Oliver Weber

Oliver Weber is a documentary photographer, physician and Professor of Visual Arts (California University). In 2015 he received his Professor of Visual Arts at California University. Currently he lives and works on the Canary Island of La Gomera. His specialties are reportage, portrait, and street photography. His work has been exhibited internationally and published in leading magazines and newspapers, including Die Zeit, Der Spiegel, Süddeutschezeitung, El Pais, Colorfoto, Premiere (France), Merian and Stern Magazin.

Oliver's work has been shown in international solo and group exihibitions, including Documenta(13) and Photokina (2012).

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