The series is the culmination of a long evolution of my street photography to create a personal vision and style. The collection reflects a constant refinement of both my aesthetic thinking and technical process toward creating hyper–realist street scenes.

The images are ruminations on man and place, habitats and habitants, chance encounters, and the infinite details of the visible world. The camera and I are part of the string of events to create an image. On my long walks through the city, I record the world in front of me. I choose a scene and then capture frames of strangers unpredictability entering and exiting. Each image includes a contradiction: it is determined by a random sequence of encounters — within a very controlled composition.

- Peter Michael Miller

Peter Miller is a San Francisco Bay Area artist-photographer, a recent transplant from Providence, Rhode Island. He trained as a painter with an MFA from the University of Chicago. Working in advertising Peter was introduced to graphics technology early in the digital revolution. He learned how to design, paint, retouch, and composite on computers.

As a national and international award–winning art director and photographer, Peter spent decades pushing the boundaries of visual expression and technical capabilities. He worked for major imaging companies including Agfa–Gevaert, Polaroid, and Kodak, promoting their international brands.

Peter has also been dedicated to fine art photography both exhibiting his own work and as a gallerist. Peter Miller Fine Art Photography Gallery was launched in Providence Rhode Island in 2014 dedicated to the photography community. He later conceived and founded the Providence Center for Photographic Arts (PCPA) in 2016.

Peter currently lives and works in San Mateo, California.

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