Are dreams the reflections of reality? What are their effects on reality? Could one become a reality? What is it about them which leaves such lingering impact? Do we all live in an unrealized dream? We sure can wake up from one to reality but is the other way around possible; waking up from reality into a dream?

In this series, I’d like to challenge the notions of dreams and reality in a photographic–poetic narrative with the hope of uncovering the fascinating, yet hidden stories of human in pursuit of the ultimate search for true pleasure.

All pictures are intentionally printed on paper first and the leaves are applied to them later on. Then they are photographed for the final presentation. The grainy images represent the ambiguous line between reality and dreams with the natural leaves as symbols of true and organic emotions.

- Raheleh Mohammad

This series won a Portfolio Award in the 2020 San Francisco Bay International Photography Awards.

Raheleh Mohammad is an Iranian born computer scientist who currently lives and works in Cleveland, Ohio. Although she has had her formal education in the engineering discipline (and a Master’s degree as the result), as a self–taught photographer, she has been doing photography for more than 10 years.

Life for her is like a long continuous picture, emerging frame after frame, which she sometimes borrows, to hold on to, to appreciate more deeply, to share with others and to interact with people she would otherwise not be able to engage with. Photography for her is a visual experience which allows her to capture the moments that could either convey a narrative or a fading reality in a poetic interpretation. Her work has been exhibited in the United States and abroad in group and solo shows.

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