“There is only one way to learn, It’s through action. Everything you need to know you have learned through your journey.” — Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist
Have you ever found that after going through a great adventure and it’s ordeals that you’re no longer the same person who started the journey?

As a kid my home life was turbulent. When I grew tired of the violence, bullying and fighting, I left, moved to a new city and started pursuing my dreams of getting a degree, travelling the world, experiencing new cultures and art.

After many years of hard lessons, I was finally able to achieve my goals.

Ultimately, I came away with the understanding that through struggle and overcoming challenges comes personal alchemy. Because of my experiences and inspired by one of my favorite books The Alchemist, I have developed this series of photomontages, to share this feeling with others.

The photos to create this series have come from Prague, Cambodia, South Africa, China, Philippines, Mexico, Sweden, California, Nevada & Colorado. Hope you enjoy it!

- Ry Sangalang

Ry Sangalang is a fine art photographer based in Los Angeles. He's a firm believer that images have the power to impact emotions and the unconscious. He loves to fuse together everyday photos with his travel photos to create surreal photo montages. Like a fiction writer who helps people discover new worlds through books, Ry's goal is to help people, who want more magic in their lives, hopefully experience a little through the medium of photo montage.

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