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Seen Worlds
Saman Genshin

The photographs are from a world in which I am comfortable, consider home but is somewhat imaginary.

I walk around, mostly at night, a glimpse causes me to raise the camera and click. I then spend months, or years, exploring and living with variations of the photographs until I render the world through the final print.

The images are taken on film and printed in the darkroom with photochemical processes. I use physical processes to push properties of materials and their reactions to the extremes of heat, light and time. The results are images from a psychological world which I understand well.

- Saman Genshin

Saman has worked in traditional film and darkroom–based photographic processes over the last 12 years with an emphasis on exploiting the properties of materials to express both narrative and abstraction. The images are intuitively taken from life around him. His prior background is in film, video and theater. He lives in the New York City area and exhibits internationally.

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