For some projects, it’s my imagination that gets me going. For others, it’s observation - just watching life happen. Either way, experiencing something, whether it is visual, a sound, a texture, a scent, or something tasted, kick-starts my image ideas. For my imagined stories, the process usually begins with a sight or sound wafting its way up to my senses, which begins the daydreaming. The result is a strange story riddled with initial questions. Curiosity then dictates that I have to get answers; thus, these questions are the fuel that set my projects in motion. My goal is to hook the viewer on their initial view and then provoke them to come back again and again.

Most of these images take a lot of planning, especially if I’m shooting a personal project without a budget. Getting a group of people together is no easy task. As far as staging my shots, often it is a combination of direction, coupled with candid moments.

My background is in Photojournalism. It never really left me. My imagery has a strong narrative component.

- Sean DuFrene

Sean Dufrene specializes in photo illustration, fashion, portraiture, and travel photography. He lives in Long Beach, California with his wife, Dea, and their Australian Cattle Dog, Bourbon. He received Gold and Silver Medal Awards in the 2012 New Images Photography Awards.

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