The Xian Cun series started as a need to find villages designated for demolition. As I continued to photograph, a story started to unfold that captured my attention. This village was not being demolished, this village was being strangled with greed, like so many other villages around China. I have been following Xian Cun now for almost two years, visiting the village almost a dozen times. Each time I go, something different is happening. Xian Cun represents the destruction of the cultural history and the familial fabric that holds China together. I will continue to photograph Xian Cun until it is razed.

My father and my uncle were grocers. The grocery store was located in the barrio of Albuquerque, New Mexico. My experiences working for my father and uncle have had a definite influence on what drives my work. Sometimes I look for familiar worlds to photograph, i.e. food open markets. Sometimes I am drawn into a project by what I see as a unique situation. An unknown entity to explore and uncover. China has been that way for me. Xian Cun in particular.

During the 70s I studied Sculpture and Drawing at the California College of Arts in Oakland, California and commercial and editorial photography in Boston at the New England School of Photography. This was a time when film was still king. In the 80s I dropped photography and became a steel sculptor and teacher. I was a welder fabricator for 20 years. In 2003 I quit welding and teaching and went back into photography. In 2009, with the economy getting worse, I left for China. I teach English and photography here.

I shoot both film and digital formats from 35mm to 4x5 large format. I use digital for editorial and commercial work because that is what the commercial world demands. I find that my style of shooting changes when I go from film to digital. There are things digital can do that film cannot and vise versa. The magic still exists for me with film. With digital I find myself always stopping and checkin

- Steve Bromberg

Steve Bromberg received Gold and Silver Medal Awards in the 2013 San Francisco International Photography Exhibition.

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