Relationships can be explained in so many ways … words, movement, light.

With this project, my intention was not to represent the true relationships within this family but to pull you in and remind you of your own.

How do we see each other in a different light/space?

How do we relate and interact if all known has been taken away?

How do our own experiences shape people around us?

- Suzana Brown

This series won a Portfolio Award in the 2018 San Francisco Bay International Photography Competition.

I am originally from Belgrade, Serbia. My first darkroom was my grandma’s pantry where I spent many weekends with my uncles developing images. After immigrating to Canada in my twenties I studied graphic design, illustration, and photography in Vancouver, and had a fulfilling career as an artist in the entertainment industry … but I always had a special place in my heart for photography. I returned to full–time photography 6 years ago and currently reside in the San Francisco Bay area.

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