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Xavier Moinereau

On the same principle as photo № 4 made in 1998, I made these portraits in 2019. These photos try to reveal the real personality of the different people photographed. It is ultimately through the deformation, the mask and the duplicity that, perhaps, the substance of the person is revealed.

The picture may just be a decoy! It’s the personality that comes out in the mirror. The faces become abstract and self–centered. The graphics are simple, sometimes expressive.

I want to highlight images that today in 2020 could look like images produced automatically by applications and that are very often thrown away immediately after being viewed. I, on the contrary, work them manually to enhance them.

- Xavier Moinereau

This series won a Portfolio Award in the 2020 San Francisco Bay International Photography Awards.

Student at the École des Beaux–Arts in Nantes, France, from 1997 to 2002. Latest exhibitions: "Eye for Eye Teeth for Teeth" , Nantes, 2017; "Lend Me Your Ball", Saint Nazaire, 2018; "Fingers of Honor", Saint Nazaire, 2019.